HEALING BREAKS OUT in Washington State

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

It was an amazing, wonderful, delightful time. The amount, the power and the variety of healing surprised not just Sue and I but, I think, everyone present. We were at Generational Hope Church in Maple Valley, Washington. The pastor, the youth, the people were faith - filled and expectant.

It all began when we went to dinner the night before . We asked the Lord for a prophetic word for the waitress. The Lord told us that she was studying law at University and that she is an athlete. When we asked her if that is true, she replied that it was exactly right and then proceeded to tell us that she had seriously injured both her knees in sports. The damage to her knees was beyond repair and arthritis had come into the joints. "Do you have pain in your knees right now?" I asked. She replied that she did. Then I asked her if she would like to be completely healed right on the spot. I told her it would only take 10 seconds and that I knew that she was busy. I also told her that Sue and I travel to different parts of the world and, everywhere we go, we see people healed instantly..

She said, "OK, go ahead." At that invitation, I simply said, "God, let your love fill this woman. We totally bless and honor her." I then paused 3 seconds, and then said, "I command the cartilege and the miniscus to be completely normal and the arthritis to go in Jesus name."

I then asked her to "test it out." She moved her knees and and did different exercises..."It's gone, It's gone," she exclaimed. "The pain is gone and I can move my knees normally! How did you do this?"

"It was Jesus," I said. "He's doing this stuff all over the world. It's just that easy." Jesus delights to heal people.

Later, she returned to the table and said, "This is so wonderful. You know I've never been a church goer or particularly Christian. May I come to the church where you are having the miracle meetings and may I invite my family?"

The meetings began Wednesday AM and carried on all day and into the evening. The healing began almost immediately and flowed like a torrent of life - giving water from God's throne. It was so easy and natural. That night I couldn't even preach - there were too many healings! There were so many spontaneous healings that people lined up one after the other to testify all evening long. It was non- stop healing and testimony for the rest of the evening.

The testimonies included crippled people walking, deafness, cancerous tumors dissappearing instantaneously, fibromyalgia, whiplash injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, bursitis, acid reflux, bowel blockage,... people weeping and sobbing at the goodness and mercy of God, Parkinson's disease, children, the elderly , some folks with hopeless conditions, all testified to God's greatness.

The leaders feel this should continue unabated so we are going back to Maple Valley in a few weeks.

What a good, good, good, kind and merciful Father we have. He is completely willing to do all these kind, merciful, wonderful, miraculous deeds all the time. I truly feel that He is much more willing to do these things than any of us realize. Thank You so much Jesus.

Love - Jesus style,
Bob and Sue
Bob Brasset Ministries

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