Prayers Hitting the Target

I saw an image in my spirit that had me stop and take notice. I saw a round fired from a rifle that traveled a great distance finally arriving at its intended target and punching a hole in the 10-ring. The image was very familiar to me.

Back in the day, I was a Combat Firearms Instructor. I watched thousands of rounds fired from handguns, shotguns, and rifles punch holes through paper targets at a variety of distances. Pulling the trigger and seeing a hit on a range target was a distinct and immediate experience. What I saw this morning was different.

The round I saw carried the bullet of a prayer of faith that had navigated a great distance over time and space through a variety of spiritual meteorological conditions. It never wavered in its course. As the trigger of that single prayer was pulled the bullet began its journey carried by the precise balance of proper bullet weight and construction and the powder load of God’s faithfulness. It was fired like a sniper who had worked up the dope of a single shot firing from a great distance and striking a target with lethal accuracy.

In the coming days, we will see Spirit-guided rounds of fulfilled prayer arrive and strike with precise accuracy inflicting fatal wounds to the plans of hell. Individuals and families will wake up in the morning free from a generational hostage situation that held the family line in a place of captivity. Over-confident dark spiritual forces that have taken control of governments and institutions of culture will be dropped by these incoming rounds.

Some of these prayers were fired from great distances, even centuries ago, not knowing their intended targets. At the time, the prayers seemed odd and unreal to the ones praying because they lacked a known context, but they prayed anyway. We will see and experience the results of their obedience.

Not every prayer promises an immediate strike in our lifetime. Some prayers must travel through vast expanses of time and space for a scheduled arrival somewhere in the future. Their impact will surprise all who are present to witness their unannounced arrivals. 

Garris Elkins
Jacksonville, Oregon