Discerning the Global Reset

Since the beginning of time, false representations of reality have been offered as counterfeits to God’s truth. There are two definitions of a global reset being offered at this time. One reset is empowered by God, and the other is empowered by darkness. Masking language is being used to draw believers who lack discernment toward the counterfeit, defending its proposals as evidence of their tolerance.     

The Gospel is always inviting but never tolerant of things that will ultimately harm us. Not agreeing with the ideology of a dark reset that will ultimately destroy individual lives and societies does not make one intolerant. It is an expression of love.
A few years ago, I began to write and speak about a reset that would take place in the Church. It would be a reset that starts us on a refocusing journey where we would begin to see the Church and its mission with new eyes. Instead of getting more complicated, our expression of faith would enter a simpler expression, void of complicated religious baggage, language, and unhealthy alliances. 

At the end of the resetting and refocusing, we would enter a resting place, where we would receive fresh revelation about how we can move forward into the future. This revelation would only be available to those willing to reset, refocus, and rest.
Whenever you hear the word “reset,” make sure you discern the spirit using the word. The reset Jesus offers leads to freedom, freedom of our will. This is the kind of freedom only found in the Spirit. The counterfeit reset will lead to control and demands of conformity to agendas that have at their core a spirit of death. Any refusal to follow the dictates of that dark reset will carry the shaming label of intolerance.
As a defining clarity is taking place regarding the two resets, a definition within the Church is also taking place regarding cultural reformation. On one side are those who view reformation as a way to control people and culture, much like the false reset. They see the assignment of the Church as creating a theocracy on earth and directing culture by demands of conformity to a particular expression of faith. 
On the other side are those who believe the Church’s work is best expressed in culture as an opportunity to help a culture flourish under the influence of believers embedded within its institutions. These embedded ones seek the highest good for each individual while never backing away from speaking the truth in love. The latter expression of reformation is where the power of God’s Spirit is delivered. 

This kind of Heaven-empowered reformation is so powerful that it cannot be controlled by religious or political spirits. It will endure through the tumultuous and challenging seasons of upheaval each society will experience as it matures. 

That is the kind of reformation where the reset of Heaven is taking place. The by-product of the reset will draw people to the love of God and ultimately transform the heart of a nation.

Garris Elkins