The Dancing Signs of God

Recently, I was walking along under a covered sidewalk in a small town known as a tourist destination. Hanging above my head were signs advertising each business along the sidewalk.  

These signs hung on chains. A sudden breeze began to blow causing all the signs to sway in opposite directions in perfect cadence. It was like someone had reached up and set the signs in motion in opposite directions on cue. This produced the impression that the signs were moving in a precisely choreographed dance sequence.

As I passed under the dancing signs, I turned and looked back. I sensed the Lord say, “I have just set in motion signs that will draw your attention. I will cause a sleeping culture to look up to see my spiritual signs like you just looked up to see the natural signs sway in the wind above your head.  What is coming will cause people to look up beyond the familiar surroundings they have assumed to be the only reality. I am releasing my breath to move the signs that will announce a coming change.”

For a few days after I saw those dancing signs above my head, I carried an unsettled feeling. In retrospect, I realize that unsettledness was not negative. It came from the Spirit asking me to not settle for a shallow interpretation of what I see playing out around me as if it were the only reality.  God can create a new reality as easy as He created the Earth – with just a word or by the breath of His Spirit. 

I am sensing a coming interruption to our status quo. This will happen by the breath of God. When the signs begin to sway look up. These signs will advertise the will of God in clear and simple terms just like the signs that danced above my head that day and pointed me in the direction of a particular business. Heaven is moving and so are the signs announcing a coming shift.

July 2016,
Garris Elkins