God Is Releasing A Company Of Prophetic Messengers To Washington State and California

4/12/2015, from Melody Paasch

Just a bit of background before I share about our recent trip to California.   Sometime in 2011, I had a very vivid and significant dream.  In this dream, I was specifically told that the birds would be arriving in California and Washington State.  I asked what birds, to which I immediately heard, “The migratory birds.”  I asked, for what reason and was given a message that I believe is one of many strategies for the Body of Christ in this time.  God began to speak to me through the following passage in Jeremiah. 

Jeremiah 8:7-9 Amplified Bible (AMP)

7 [Even the migratory birds are punctual to their seasons.] Yes, the stork [excelling in the great height of her flight] in the heavens knows her appointed times [of migration], and the turtledove, the swallow, and the crane observe the time of their return. But My people do not know the law of the Lord [which the lower animals instinctively recognize in so far as it applies to them].

8 How can you say, We are wise, and we have the written law of the Lord [and are learned in its language and teachings]? Behold, the truth is, the lying pen of the scribes has made of the law a falsehood (a mere code of ceremonial observances).

I sensed that Papa was saying that it is our responsibility as the Body of Christ to seek Him and know our seasons and the plans He has in His heart.  By instinct (by The Spirit and not just the written word), as a part of God’s army, we should know His strategy and His timing.  The Kingdom of God is IN us and NEAR to us!  There are times and seasons that are strategically marked in God’s records for significant and specific events in the earth.  I believe that we are in one of those moments! If we are to labor with Him in His plans and purposes, we must sense those events and be willing to follow our Godly instincts.

Since 2011, this dream has come up many times, but back in December of 2014, while in the Kansas City area with a friend, it was reiterated yet again!  This time I felt a very strong confirmation that this was the year I needed to instigate a prophetic journey to respond to Papa’s message.  The destination?  San Juan Capistrano, CA.  Why?  Because it is known as a historic receiver and incubator to the swallows migrating from Argentina in March every year.  It was a prophetic type and symbol. 

I knew that it was a prophetic picture of the messengers of God being received into the region, with safe haven for future growth and maturity. I believe that God is saying that California and Washington State will be birthing places for His prophetic voices, and this pattern will then sweep East across the nation.  I know that He is restoring and installing the voice of the prophetic everywhere, but for some reason this region is definitely an area He is talking about.  I can only address the part I'm given.  

These anointed ones will move across the U.S. from the West Coast to the East Coast, releasing the word and heart of God for the nation.  It will set a precedence in the spiritual realm, dispatching the angelic for needed direction and strategy.  He is releasing more of His champions with very specific talents, to work side by side with others who are devoted to building the Kingdom of God in every area of culture and society.  Not to build man's agenda with all of it's nuances and control, but to release Papa's heart for this time and people. I believe that He loves mankind above all of His creation, and desires to labor with us in the earth. 

So, upon our arrival we had a daunting surprise!  Julie, one of my beloved interns, and I arrived at the San Juan Capistrano Mission, looking for the yearly arrival of the legendary swallows!   We found, to our dismay, that they no longer have an inviting home there, even though there has been such a long and rich heritage of their migration in this place.


During a long process of the mission’s reconstruction, management built man-made homes for the birds, hoping the swallows would accept the new structures as sanctuary for themselves.  Unfortunately, the swallows have begun to find other nesting areas to thrive in during their season there. This feels a bit like what we do in Christianity at times.  Could it be that we sometimes tear down the natural order of things to build something bigger, or maybe better?  Not that there is anything wrong with progress, as long as it’s congruent with God’s plan.  It also seems that the mess the swallows brought with them, had been an inconvenience to the surrounding merchants.  They were considered by some, to be an annoyance. 

We noticed that the crows and other predatory birds had taken squatters rights and were running most of the smaller birds away.  We watched and grieved as one little swallow came into the courtyard of the mission only to experience the aggression of a crow.  This was beginning to look like a pattern of some things we sometimes witness or experience in far right or radical religious circles.

I sense that the church as a whole has been in the middle of reconstruction (this is a good thing by the way) and that there has been little room for the young prophets or messengers of God. Have they fallen through the cracks of churchianity?  Maybe a man-made structure with an accurate architecture is being offered, just as it is at the mission, but lacking the heart and comfort of home. I wonder if these marked messengers feel that they are no longer welcome, or maybe can’t trust what is being offered them. They may realize that the structures built for their safety are simply a replica of a safe place.

So, I also find myself wondering if they have been hiding out, sitting before The Father, learning in secret from The Spirit?  The word does say that The Holy Spirit is our teacher and that He alone can teach us what we need to know.  However, I believe that God’s heart is to do so through loving leadership, as well as directly through His communication with us.  Without the needed experience of true community, those called of God can find it difficult to manage the use of their gifts, as well as their ethical behavior.  They may find that they are not generally accepted in Christianity, and are often judged and labelled as rebels.

Thus, there may be parts of the church, operating without the gift of the prophetic, and the young prophets may not be effectively prepared.  This is a travesty!  The Word says (Rev. 19:10) that the spirit of prophecy is the clear testimony or witness of Jesus.  If that was true when the Bible was written, wouldn't that still be true, today?

It was interesting to me during the mission visit, that there was only the one small swallow that had the gumption to ignore the malicious caws of the crows.  Could the crows represent the ultra-religious, who do not believe that the gifts are for today?  It was sad really, and at the same time, I sensed such courage in this small bird.  This little and seemingly insignificant one seemed not to be phased. He was not honored for his valiant arrival, yet he ignored the quips of the mockers. 

It reminded me of young Saul when he was secretly anointed for kingship by Samuel in 1 Samuel 10. He literally turned a deaf ear!  It is written that The Lord's prophetic message over him changed Saul that day!  The prophetic can set direction, can give affirmation to what we know in our hearts, and can change circumstances when God chooses to release over us what is in His heart.

I watched that day, as that little swallow eventually took perch upon the erected index finger of a statue of the canonized representative for the mission: a priest who was the historic and celebrated advocate for the small and weak travelers to the mission.  What a sweet surprise!!!!  The swallow took the platform of the prophetic index finger as depicted by the five-fold ministry!*

* The five fingers of your hand are sometimes used as a way to remember the Five-fold Ministry of God’s Kingdom: 
1. Thumb - apostle (authority/leadership) 
2. Index Finger – prophet (messenger/one who decrees)
3. Middle Finger - evangelist (one who reaches out) 
4. Ring Finger - pastor (shepherd/covenant gatherer) 
5. Pinkie Finger - teacher (one who speaks/processes what will nourish the hearer).

I sat in awe as the little guy began to voice his passion vehemently.  I was amazed that such a tiny creature could have such a strong resolve!  He with deep fervor, progressively became louder!  It seemed for a moment that he was literally preaching directly to me.  He was trying to tell us something very important.  We watched as other people began to slowly gather, curious about what we were looking at and what had us so mesmerized.

As the people gathered, I stepped back to see the bigger picture.  While he preached his burning message, the people watched, taking photographs as though he were performing for them.  Isn’t this the way the gifts of The Spirit are sometimes received?  As a novelty or show?  The more the small crowd gathered before the little swallow, the more passionate he became!  What in the world was this small brave one telling us all?  I feared the crowd was not sensitive to his strong attempt, but Julie and I were acutely aware that it was immensely important and we listened intently to his strong effort. 


Later, as we processed the events of the day, it all became very clear.  We knew that the reason we had been sent to the mission was to welcome the migratory birds, which represented the hidden prophetic voices in the earth.  Apparently, they do need welcoming, even to have the ability to arrive in their appointed place and time!  Clearly, what God requires of us as prophetic leaders in every area of ministry, is that we continually cultivate a safe environment for the inexperienced, but strong to be raised up.  It is my experience, that the prophetic needs very particular teaching, training and preparation for the understanding of their gifts.  I am seeking Papa even now, for better understanding of what that must look like. 

Julie, I and the NIT family knew that this trip was a prophetic act to invite a new prophetic breed for a new move of God, into all the safe places prepared for their installment and launching.  As you may know, not every place of spiritual equipping is a safe place for the prophetic.  I must remind you though, that God will do nothing without speaking it first to His prophets.  This is His declaration to all the ages and generations of mankind.  He has promised that He will co-labor to create, with and through His prophets and His prophetic people. 

I strongly felt that this was an extraordinary moment we were honored to experience; and that Papa was confirming that there would be an influx of the "pure" prophetic into all organizations that are willing to train and equip through freedom of The Spirit of Truth.  I fear that it will not happen without true relationship.  If we welcome these messengers into safe and loving environments, they will grow and mature for their designated occasion and purposes. 

My heart and prayer is that we will welcome those with a prophetic call into the body of Christ for safe keeping and nurture, releasing them in maturity for these strategic times.  God’s heart is to develop what He has placed within each of us, and His purpose is to release us in His will and employment.

Remember Elijah on the mountain, when he was led to call out the false prophets?  I believe that we as the church, are at a crossroads and that we are being called to raise the bar.  God is calling up the brave and the resolute, to speak His heart wrapped in His deep love, and without compromise or fear of man.  This is the time that God WILL restore and release the true prophets of HIS house.  I do not believe that He'll do it without them.  Whether we believe that the gift of prophecy is for today in the church or not, I hope we will welcome those who are called, to step up and fulfill their God given destiny.  Will we, as the Body of Christ, welcome God’s messengers for this strategic moment in time?

Melody Paasch, from her website