Rack Up

Recently I had a series of dreams that I feel have significant spiritual perspectives. This is a bit long but please bear with me.

In the first scene I was observing a group of men in various locations around a coastal community. It was if I had infiltrated their group and was able to see and hear what they were discussing.

In this scene there were several meetings were these meeting were discussing jihad and were clearly residents/citizens of this community (i.e. not somewhere in the Middle East). They were discussing ways on how to spread their message of Islamic jihad and their responsibilities to wage jihad. There were several very strong willed individuals who were able to persuade the majority of the men, even those who were not sold fully on the concepts of waging war on their neighbors, friends, and in some cases family.

In the second scene I was a recently discharged military member from appeared to be Special Forces. I was at an outside coffee café, sitting at a table with a couple of friend, just chatting and enjoying the nice weather. We watched as a couple of UAVs (drones) flew overhead towards the beach area when all of a sudden two gray, unmarked, fighter jets flew in and attacked and destroyed the drones from a rear attack and then flew off.

In the next scene we jumped up realizing that we were under attack by forces with significant power (i.e. jet fighters) and that they were able to launch attacks unexpectedly and with precision.

I yelled at the men with me “We need to RACK UP – go get your gear (weapons) and meet back at this corner in 20 minutes”. As we ran to get our gear we encountered other groups of similar soldiers – some in 2s and 3s, others in 10 – 20, and I yelled the same thing at them “We need to RACK UP – go get your gear (weapons) and meet back at this corner in 20 minutes”.

I then saw the men in their BDUs (battle dress uniforms) with their automatic weapons, extra ammo magazines, etc – in other words – we were ready for the war that was being brought upon us.

While many of you will see things in this from your conversations with Holy Spirit, this is what I got when I spoke to Him. Some of this I have had in previous dreams and shared with certain individuals – but Holy Spirit has released me to share in a wider venue because of the impending circumstances.

This is representative of the battle that is being brought upon the land by the spirit behind Islam. It is a battle that has been developing for centuries and only since the recent decades have this circumstances and opportunities been provided to this spirit to bring this war to America and the rest of the world. This is a primary element in satan’s strategy to destroy Israel and God’s plan.

Holy Spirit shared that the reason America is in the cross hairs is because of its historic support of Israel…but the spirit of Islam (jihad) has only been able to obtain a beachhead in America because the “church” has lost its focus and has allowed spirits that support the spirit of Islam (i.e. progressive liberalism – yes there is a spirit behind this) to significantly reduce the churches ability to be an effective force for good.

If you have not already seen or felt it, in the days ahead you will see a shift in the way the church operates. The first battles have already been lost, but we are in a war so the Lord has been realigning many individuals out of the institutional church environment into the organic church environment – and now He is establishing the foundations of the underground church here in America.

This war is a reality, it is going to be messy, it is not going to be fun as we have known it – but we will win and overcome. HOWEVER, we ALL need to RACK UP all of our weapons (peace, joy, praise, giving, loving, healing, setting captives free, etc) and we need EVERYONE to rack up.

The days of just pastors doing ministry stuff are over.