Forward Focus


As I am praying I keep seeing some things "coming to a head." Absolutely not in a bad way, so don't get your panties in a wad. [:rolleyes:] I just keep sensing that what we have each been contending for is accessible this year, but it will take our standing and drawing a line in the sand.

I sense that this is "Custer's Last Stand." This will be the end of issues that have come around over and over with NO resolution. If you stand one more time and stand firmly in love, but firmly; you will see the final resolution of these nagging issues.

Father has been saying to me that this is the year to "build." We have already been prepared, processed and tried by the fire. NOW, we are to "build" upon the foundation that Papa has so intricately set us upon. This has been a very long season. One that has lasted for literally years! If you are trying this year to prepare a position, you'll miss it. You are positioned NOW for what Papa has prepared for you! NOW, comes the FINAL RESOLUTION!

Get ready! It will not look as you expect. It will not resemble any place you've been, though some of us may be returning to areas of tasks that we once participated in. It will look much different this round and the favor Papa is releasing will open doors we never had access to in the past seasons. Take one obedient step at a time. Do not consider any small step insignificant. This is urgent!

I sense that it is very important to be prepared to "TURN ON A DIME!" That our direction will come suddenly, and we will need to "leap" into the next portal of favor. No time to mull it over, no time to take it to the throne (It's been established there already! You need to catch up!), no time to be indecisive, or you'll miss your window!

~Melody Paasch
Comment: Melody is a prophet and a leader of prophets in the Northwest region.