The Seahawks Win as a Sign

In the year 2000, God spoke to Michael Danforth, a prophet in the Pacific Northwest, about a Northwest sports team that would "rise up and win the championship." When we see that happen, He said, it would be a sign that a "curse mentality" would be broken over the Pacific Northwest.

Seahawk’s prophecy by Michael Danforth:

Fall of 2000, God spoke to Michael about a professional pro sports team in Northwest winning a national championship. Originally, he thought it would be the Mariners. When this would happen, it would be a sign that a curse mentality over the Northwest would be broken. In 2000, the Seahawks were one of the ten worst teams for defense in the history of the NFL. Globally, people looked at the Seahawks with certain expectations.  The Lord began to show Michael the intentions of God concerning the Seahawk’s entering into a championship. This was all a step of faith because the Seahawks were one of the worst teams in the NFL.

The Lord began to say to Michael that when the Seahawks win the championship, it would be a sign that a curse mentality would be broken over the Northwest.  This is governmental related which is a mindset that decreases your potential. It’s being governed by your perception of how you’re being viewed.  This mindset controls us. Because it’s government related, we rise above it when the curse is broken.

When curse mentality is broken, it no longer rules us. This prophetic word over the Northwest means that there will be a spiritual shift in government over the land. It will initially impact the natural government in the land. We are now on the threshold of what we’re going to witness in the natural. Believe this for our own lives, our ministries, our businesses, etc., to have a shift of government that God has placed within our hands.

We can still live under a cursed mentality if we don’t understand the potential given us as Children of God. The Seahawks were on the verge of being sold. In 2010, Pete Carroll was made the head coach and brought young players that had the potential of making a good team. This one man (the momentum) saw the potential in these people where most others saw them as a group of misfits. He helped them see who they actually were; not just who people thought they were. It began to create a motion and stir something in the players that brought them to their greatest potential. Agreement always starts with one… they see something a certain way and others begin to come along and see it, too. There’s a momentum that is built up.

This agreement within the Seahawks broke a barrier. They said “We will no longer be under this mindset.” As we do the same, we will rise above… Much like the Seahawks, people are beginning to move with great purpose in areas that others can’t see. The Seahawks saw things that others didn’t see. We saw all the “12’s” (people and numbers in the game itself) as a prophetic sign of a governmental shift.  It’s the power of agreement. The “twelves” were saying “break the barrier, break the curse” when you heard “Go Seahawks!”  There were lots of 12 indicators (12 seconds into each half of the game scoring points, the 12th man outnumbering the other fans in the stadium, etc.). Lots of  number 12’s involved in this recent championship encounter. The intent and purpose is very prophetic.

Pacific Northwest, get ready because there’s a major breakthrough coming! A gateway has literally opened up and people will begin to see themselves differently. The enemy will try to distort that but continue to pray against that. The bottom line is that the gates of Hell will not prevail… it means government (gates refer to government). A gate/barrier has been broken. Pray the purpose and purity of what this shift is meant to produce will do so.

This requires participation. Even though there is a prophetic word and declaration, it still requires participation of those involved. For example, this meant that the Seahawks had to play their best game. Whoever played the best game would win. Any prophetic word spoken over our lives, we still have to continue to do our part. We have to advance and move forward into the prophetic word over our own lives.

God is using all of this to bring to our attention to bring things forth. The key is agreement… When God spoke to Ezekiel, he wanted him to come into agreement. “Can these bones live?” Ezekiel says, “Yes.” When he got into agreement with God, he was then told to prophesy over the bones. So, Ezekiel prophesied over the bones, just like we have to do in our own lives. This is no different than Coach Carroll coming into agreement concerning the potential of a team. Then, the team came into agreement with what their coach had declared over them. They stepped up to the plate and played their best game. We have to continue to do our part and move forward, just like the Seahawk’s did. In addition, Russell Wilson (quarterback) said, “Why not us?” The team came into agreement with him and walked that out until the very last moments of the game.

All it takes is one individual to make a change. Take the life of Jesus and notice the affect he’s had on the entire world.

What is being said about the Northwest won’t come without its challenges. But, God is really wanting us to rise up into a greater sphere of understanding and the authority that we have. The world view of the Seahawks and the Northwest won’t be the same any more. The enemy has underestimated our potential. We have the ability to rise to the occasion and do what we’re destined to do in the earth.

Additional notes after listening to prophecy:
A curse mentality is not necessarily a curse; it’s a mentality. Changing that mentality will require doing something different than we’ve previously done.
In order for prophecy to be fulfilled, we must walk it out and do our part. Sitting and waiting is never an option if we desire to see fulfillment.
Prayer to keep the enemy shut down is important. His goal is to rob, kill, and destroy. If we let him, he’ll do it.
We have the ABILITY to rise to the occasion and do what we’re destined to do in the earth. The question is… will we do it?

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Word from Michael Danforth 
Notes courtesy of Del Hungerford

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