Calling Up the Discharged of God

Editor’s Note: Martin Best is a prophet known and loved in southwest Washington. God gave him these dreams nine years ago, and has only now given him permission to release the word. Note that the dream came eight months before Katrina.


Early on the morning of January 3, 2005, the Lord – as is His custom with me – gave me a dream with several different scenes in it that after His interpretation gives a “status” report in the current spiritual war.

In the first scene, I was assisting several governmental officials in another state work through several serious issues related to the results of a major planning exercise. The exercise was designed to gauge the needs of a major metropolitan area in one of the Southern coastal states. In this exercise the entire southern half of the state and large portions of neighboring states were severely impacted by a catastrophic hurricane that caused 10s of thousands of fatalities and hundreds of thousands of injuries. 

In the second scene I was in a hospital facility reviewing their preparedness as part of the exercise review. Throughout this portion of the dream I was overwhelmed by the lack of resources (people, hospitals, medical supplies, etc.) necessary to effectively respond to the disaster and help the impacted communities. As I walked through the hospital I was amazed at the number of injured and wounded individuals – it was as if we had moved beyond the “exercise” aspects and into an actual major natural disaster event. Simply stated there were more wounded than the doctors could care for.

In the third and final scene – it was as if I was being recalled to active duty in the Air Force. In the natural this made no sense to me because while I received an Honorable Discharge, the reasons behind my separation from active duty precluded me from ever “serving” in the military again – unless major changes were made in the laws and regulations. And yet here I was being given uniforms and a promotion to a rank several times higher than what I had prior to my discharge.

However, in the dream several things struck me – while the rank was an improvement, many of the uniforms still had the names of other individual and I was told that one particular style of uniform – the most effective one for camouflage – was not available to me or to anyone else except extremely high ranking officers. This bothered me and I expressed this to the individual trying to give me the uniforms and in fact it was my intent to go to the nearest Clothing Sales store and by the correct uniforms. I then woke up and began to pray about the dream, and then the Lord began to reveal His interpretation.

The current organization of the body of Christ is not prepared for the events that are about to transpire upon this world. As in the exercise – our shortcomings are many and tragically we are woefully unprepared.

The hospital scene showed that the Body of Christ is in severe need of medical care in both a physical and spiritual sense. However, the “doctors” of the established church are incapable of handling the tremendous need.

The third and final scene represents that God is calling back to active duty all of those that have been “discharged” from the “church” for whatever reason as long as they (the individuals being called up) are walking in holiness and righteousness and desire to serve God. No matter what happened before – right, wrong, or indifferent, God was calling up those “separated” in the past and He is placing them in new positions of authority and leadership. For their knowledge and talents are too critical to waste any longer and the pettiness of man has to be ignored.

And finally – the anointing that God is bestowing upon these individuals is a compilation of many other saints that wore “the uniform” before them and it is now being passed on to them. I felt strongly in my spirit that the Lord was making it very, very clear that this is an extremely serious time for the Church (being the sum total of all true believers). For as the Lord explained to me – that without the call-up of those “rejected by man” and their being restored to the fullness of His purposes – the Body of Christ will not be capable of meeting the impeding crisis that is about to come.

Phase II

Then on the Morning of January 10, 2005, the Lord gave me the next installment of dreams. The dream pick-up right about where the other one ended. I was standing in a room with a group of individuals that by their dress appeared to be in the military (USAF) and we were having to deal with a “crisis” situation. Changes were being recommended by the Commander-in-Chief (The President) that would have a serious and negative impact on our ability to conduct airborne reconnaissance of “enemy” countries. After some heated discussion I choose to address the topic directly with the commander – but was surprised by what I encountered.

When I entered the commander’s office I found the Commander-in-Chief (President Bush) along with several and his key security advisors. After overcoming my initial surprise and never being one to miss an opportunity – I politely and with reverence to his office – told him what I thought, why he was making a mistake and the impacts that I felt would occur to overall National Security should we give up certain elements of our airborne reconnaissance capability. 

As I watched his response trying to see if I would end up in jail or not, I thought that I had made progress in explaining my position – but all of a sudden he got up out of his chair, came around the commander’s desk and in one swift motion – he ripped the stripes off of my sleeves. (As a point of reference my highest rank prior to my discharge was Technical Sergeant E-6, and when I was promoted in the previous dream I was given the rank of Senior Master Sergeant E-8). The President then looked at one of his Military aids and told him to take off his officer’s insignia – he did so, handed them to the President and the President then turned and began to pin them on my lapels. 

I was absolutely surprised when I realized that I was being promoted again, but this time to the rank of Colonel (O-6) one step below a general officer. The President stated that he needed more individuals like me that were willing to pay the price for something that they believed in so strongly and that were able to make a case for their beliefs. There was then further discussion among the President, his staff, and the military leaders in the room and I was dismissed from the meeting.

Upon returning to my office area, the reconnaissance crews were grumbling and complaining about the decision to eliminate their mission – at which point I confronted them and informed them that the decision had been rescinded – making it a point to tell them that I had to go and do their job for them and in no uncertain terms expressing my thoughts on their lack of dedication and perseverance.

The Lord then began to speak to me regarding this dream just as He did in the first one. “My expectations and plans for you are far greater than you can imagine, as I have told you many times, but now you will begin to see the fruits of your faithfulness. Not only am I promoting you to a higher rank in My army – but with that will come greater authority and responsibility. For at the Colonel rank – you can command large bases of operations, you can be responsible for major special projects, and so much more.

However, My intent is to put you through an intensive training period over the next few months – but your new rank is only for a short period of time for I have not begun to reveal all of my plans for you as of yet – but as it has been prophesied over you – this is the year of your destiny and I will promote you to be a General to command armies”

Martin Best, of Whirlwind Ministries, is a reliable prophetic voice in the Northwest.
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