The Seat of Administration

Introduction: I've been hearing Father speak to this topic for a few days, waiting for confirmation.
This word comes from just outside the "Northwest" region (Denver, CO), but I believe that this is definitely for our NW region as well. 


He said, I’ve seen your thoughts each day, wondering what your purpose is and thinking how insignificant your realm of responsibility is. I told you that realm is your kingdom. I gave it to you. But you didn’t grasp your daily responsibilities administering it from your heavenly seat; your throne.

You saw that concept as some pretty, flower pictures given to you by Me, but not comprehending the importance of that seat of administration. If you don’t administer your kingdom, then no one else will, and everyone inside is subject to the small insidious deteriorations of life in this earth without Heaven overseer-ship.

Remember I said the devil roams around looking who he may devour. He doesn’t sleep. He looks for those small holes of deterioration. And he finds them. Now you are beginning to grasp the weighty importance of your seat. 

I told you that it was one of Love. It is. You Administer from Love and through Love, and guided by Love. But you Must Administer. You cannot pray a prayer for your family and friends once a week, blessing them all and expect that to suffice; especially if you do it as chanting a sing-song by rote. Love is Me and you must Administer through Me. It’s different every day. There are different deteriorations, different holes. Some are imperceptible to you except that I show them to you. 

You say that you love Me. And I know that is true because I placed it within you. Now I’m teaching you how to Administer from that seat I gave you.

Sit on it every morning. Sit. Sit IN ME. Sit and look around. Survey the landscape in the new light of morning. See it anew each day. Do not look at a list of prayers. Ask me to see it all; the new growth and the new deteriorations. 

Some points of weakness will require daily work, but see even those anew each day. See the new repairs, the beginning of repairs, and the new growth. Then add to them rather than hash over the repair of yesterday. Don’t be lazy and rely on repetition ever. It never heals or restores or loves. And sometimes it creates the hole from its constant rubbing in the wrong place.

I’ve also been teaching you to rest. You have learned that it is almost contrary from everything you’ve been taught. It involves joy and celebration sometimes. Sometimes it involves putting your feet up and basking in sweet music AND resisting the urge to feel guilty for not being BUSY. I’m not a BUSY God; however, I’m extremely effective and accomplish great feats. You will too. As you rest.

Now rest on your seat of Administration over the kingdom I have given you. Relax and enjoy the music and the beauty. Smile and be full of Joy as you survey the contour of the landscape I have given you. Relish its beauty and wonder.

And notice the tiny hole that pops up unexpectedly. Ask Me to fix your eyesight to see them instantly before they have even created incident; before the enemy has arrived to see it. Fix it instantly. Don’t WORK over it in STRIVING and LABOR. But rather hear my heart in the matter and respond immediately. Often it’s such a small response you will think it warranted much more involvement; but rather Love’s eyes focused on a tiny hole will heal it.

This is your destiny; your position in ME; your Inheritance. Guard it; Love it; Guide it; Cherish it; Keep it; and I will give you more. 

My eyes shine brightly as I watch you grow in stature and maturity, walking in the path, My path; lavished in My Love, and lavishing those I have given you.

I kiss you my darling, my Bride.