When the Next Wave Comes...

When I was on the ocean last weekend the winds were strong and the waves high. There were riptides. People were warned not to go in the water. Of course I went in. You knew that. And there were shark warnings. And it was cold. As I walked out until it was deep enough to swim, the waves were 5 feet high. The problem wasn't swimming, it was standing. Trying to walk out I was knocked over several times by the waves. Eventually I was in deep enough water. Down the beach there was a surfer. And some kayakers had made an attempt but capsized. Rough ocean. 

Why am I telling you this? I was thinking about the next wave of revival we pray for. The wave of spiritual change coming to America. When it comes it won't come as a tiny ripple. One that doesn't disturb much. One that is safe. No sharks. No rip current. That's what the church would like, safe revival, no danger, nothing upset. Business as usual with more attendance and better offerings.

Yet that's not the message I got as I dried myself off. I heard Him say, "When the next wave comes it will knock most off their feet. It won't be safe. There will be dangerous currents and there will be hidden dangers. The result will be glorious, but the trip to the deep water will be treacherous. Most won't make it. Everything you thought would go with you into the deep water I am calling you into will be upset. The waves will knock them down and the current will wash them away". 

I won't over interpret, but it's fair to say we are about to go into a time when the church we used to know will be tested and many, maybe most won't stand the test. The wave will knock them over. There will be deceivers. There will be sharks. There will be currents that if you fight them will kill you. 

I can't tell you if that was just for me, or if I was over-spiritualizing an event. I am only saying that the spiritual wave we all hope and pray for will be so big it will not be safe for religion. 

Much of the religious establishment when threatened will come against it. It's already happening. The strongest attacks will come from those who were part of the last wave. Then have now built structures that are about to collapse from the coming wave.

Gene Redlin