“Get Out of the Boat” Prophetic Word for 2013

2012 was the Year of “Divine Alignment.”  God was positioning you for greatness, aligning you so you could be in the center of His will, that you might have the fullness of His Blessing.  2012 was a year of “Internal Working.”  

2013 is the “Year of Action,” it is a year of “External Working,” Stepping Out, Breaking on through, the Year to “Get out of the Boat.” The Holy Spirit spoke to me of 2013 using Matthew 14:22-36.

1. Divine Assignments to Churches, Ministries and Individuals Mt.14:22. Jesus told His disciples to get in the boat and cross over to the other side.  It is “Time to Cross Over,” Make a Move.  In simple Obedience will come Power. This is a Year of Doing, Launching Out.  If you snooze you lose. God will speak much louder and clearer in 2013 as He spoke to Churches in the Book of Revelation, “Conditional Promises and Rewards.” The Prophetic will be Amped up to challenge many with the urgency of the Hour.  Remember that Jesus is Praying for you to succeed. Verse 23

2. Look Beyond the Storm- Financial, Political and Personal storms will blow. Verse 24 Those who Break Through will be those who know they are not subject to circumstances, but subject to the Word of God, that says, “despite the storm you will cross over to the other side.” Look Beyond the Storm to the Destination, and even though the enemy will try to hinder you, Abba is greater, Abba is for you. Romans 8:35-37

3. Importance of prayer, A Mighty Move of Holy Spirit is coming in 2013. Verse 25-27 The Disciples were “standing their watch” in the storm. Every Major Move of God in Church History was Birthed and Bathed in Prayer, from Acts Chapter 2 all the way to the 1906 Azusa St. Revival. Those that were Praying and Waiting were the First to enter into the Move of God; As those that were watching were the First to see Jesus walking on the water.  Churches and Ministries and Believers will Amp up their Prayer Life, and Hunger for a Move of the Holy Spirit in Power.

4. The Power of the “Spoken Word and Declarations” will continue into 2013. Verse28,29  The Disciples were “Divinely Aligned” because they obeyed Jesus and were in the Boat Crossing Over to the other side. There is a connection between Divine Align and Authority; many will come deeper into that Revelation in 2013. Peter made a Declaration and walked on water. Many will be amazed at the Power of the spoken word from their own lips, and will see miracles and dreams come true. Nothing happens until you open your mouth and speak and declare.

5. Test the waters. Peter made a declaration and walked on water, Elisha made a declaration and walked through water, Mary made a declaration and water turned into wine. Sweet! Job 22:27,28

6. Time to get out of the Boat- Make a Move- even though it is stormy Verse 29 Peter saw his moment to Walk on Water. There is a Now Moment waiting for you in 2013 to “Make a Move.” Many will experience the supernatural power of God and His Love as they get out of the boat.  Some will get out of the Boat of Apathy, Victimization, Fear, Doubt and Failure and come in to Confidence, Promotion and Increase.

7. There will be a Heightening of Spiritual Activity in 2013 Verse 30 What is going on in the “Unseen Realm” will be huge in 2013. I saw much spiritual activity of darkness and Light. Many believers will have a greater sense and discernment and awareness of this realm. Part of the purpose of this is so you don’t allow the devil to “steal your blessing.” Many seeds or Words sown will quickly turn into harvest in 2013. The devil will try to steal those seeds through fear, intimidation doubt and deception. Read Luke 8:5,11,12.  The Holy Spirit and the Angels of the Lord will warn you and intervene on your behalf so you will experience Victory.

8. Time to get out of the boat in 2013, no worries Jesus will save you and you will walk together and cross over to the other side. Verses 30-34 Learning to walk on water is much like a baby first learning to walk. You may stumble a few times, but know that Jesus is there to pick you up as you continue on your Journey of faith.  

Heavenly Father, show yourself strong on behalf of all those who move through 2013 with Great expectancy that 2013 will be one of the best years of their lives.  I declare over each one the Power of Shalom and that Many Dreams will come true for each one in 2013 as they Get out of the Boat. Miracles will happen for each one.

Mucho Agape,