Kim Clement Prophesies from Seattle

You've Been Waiting and Praying -
Are You Ready?
Prophesied on January 14, 2011 from Seattle, Washington:
The Spirit of the Lord says, "Prepare yourself for a baptism, a baptism of fire, a baptism in the Holy Spirit. You, your children, and your children's children."
The Spirit of God says, "Are you ready? Are you ready? You've been waiting, you've been praying, you've been setting time aside, and you've been watching." And God says, "This has not been in vain. The tide is turning; the guard is changing. Yes, it is. The baton is being handed over. The baton is being handed to you, for this race that you will run in this generation shall be won. And I will uniquely arm you and make you dangerous.
"No more closed Heaven. You've come to dine with the prophet," says the Lord. And God says, "My Word is in the atmosphere; revelation is guiding this missile," for God says, "Your enemies have said we will bring America to nothing and we will bring them to a place where they are subservient to the Middle East."
But God says, "I want you to know every time you lift up your hands and make a joyful noise, I send revelation out into the heavenlies." And God says, "Tonight I want you to know that there is a spirit that is being brought down; a snake that looked dangerous, that has tried to control My young people and the people of this generation." God says, "You will say, 'I saw satan fall like lightning from Heaven," says the Lord. Give Him a shout of victory, for that's what's going to happen!
"There'll be a sign that comes to you," says the Lord. "Men from the east will come to you. They will say, 'Give us the God that you worship, give us the Spirit that you believe in.' Just like Daniel stood in Babylon, I'll send them there. You have time, time, time; time is on your side. For you that are wondering What about time running out, the end of the world? but yet God has desired to save a generation."
America, the Angels are Watching Over You
Prophesied on January 15, 2011 from Seattle, Washington:
Prophetic Song:
"There are angels watching over you;
Over America, I've sent you an angel
An angel that will tell you good news;
America, I've sent you the angel
The angel that will tell you good news;
Don't you know the beast of the east is about to bend his knee
To the only One, the only One you declare tonight,
The Resurrection and the Life, Beginning and the End,
Alpha and Omega, Destroyer of Death."
God says, "America, I'm sending you the angel of light;
America, I'm sending you a word from My Father
This is what He says: The angels are watching over you;
There's angels, they're watching over you;
Angels, they're watching over you;
Angels, they're watching over you."
God says, "There is an angel – the same angel that was with Daniel – that I have sent to this nation. He's been fighting the Prince of the East, but this time he doesn't need another angel because he's got the Holy Son of God. The Blood of the Lamb is the voice that comes from the earth, and the saints shout to the Most High God."
There's an angel that God has sent to this nation to give us the victory that was purchased for us 2,000 years ago on the Holy Cross of Calvary.
Kim Clement is a prophet of national & international stature; this is part of the prophetic flow that came during a series of prophetic meetings in January 2011.