The Oregon Territory is an "Epicenter," or a Place Where the Epic will Enter.

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The Territory of Oregon was organized on August 14, 1848, by an act of Congress. It includes the present-day states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, as well as parts of Montana. The Lord brought to my attention other significant historic moments in that same year of 1848. The year of 1848 was also a LEAP YEAR and as I discovered that historic fact I heard the Lord say,


1848 was also known around the world as the, "Spring of Nations" or the "Year of Revolution". It was triggered by a series of political upheavals throughout Europe that spread around the world like fire which also ignited the French Revolution which consequently began also in 1848. I heard the Lord say that this would be a time of epic revolution and a time when our nation will SPRING FORWARD as it did in 1848, 160 years ago. This is a year that will be a "Spring of Nations" or a "Year of Revolution" where current mindsets and processes will be transformed by springing forward and a spiritual revolution or radical change of thinking and believing occurs.

The "Year of Revolution" as it has been titled by historians was not only a volatile time but a violent one as well. Many countries and continents came under great pressure both naturally and spiritually as the earth "groaned" and there was a spiritual "quantum leap". This will not only be a time of great spiritual strides but also a time when the world will come under a degree of suffering as weather, economy and other political and natural landscapes suddenly change positioning entire nations for the will and plan of the Lord.

Two other significant events transpired around the world that forever changed these countries and deeply impacted the United States:

The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) and the Irish Potato Famine (1845-1849). Both of these events greatly impacted the United States. I heard the Lord say, "NOW THERE WILL BE A FULL CIRCLE AS I SEND BOTH BLESSINGS AND PROVISION TO THESE THREE NATIONS; MEXICO, AMERICA AND IRELAND. YOU WILL SEE A GREAT REAPING WHERE YOU HAVE SOWN."

The Oregon Territory is deeply connected to these world events as the epochs of history occurred and the Oregon Territory was birthed simultaneously. Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Montana are a EPI-CENTER or a place where EPIC is about to ENTER as it once again shapes world events by its prayers, intercession and outward acts of faith. I heard the Lord say, "WATCH AND SEE AS THIS IS CONFIRMED BY WATER, WIND AND FIRE IN THE NATURAL THROUGHOUT THIS REGION. A SERIES OF SUDDENLIES WILL MARK THIS REGION FOR MY PURPOSES."

EPIC breakthroughs financially will now ENTER as the Oregon Territory becomes a epicenter of His anointing and provision for world impact. The nations will become acutely a part of your heart as this year ends and 2009 begins. You will be strategically in position both spiritually and naturally to have optimum impact. Psalm 2:8 will be your springboard that will underwrite what I do in your heart and mind says the Lord. Favor both in Mexico and Ireland will streamline My will in you as a "great door of utterance" opens to you there as well as many other key nations of the world. EPIC IS ABOUT TO ENTER!

Chad Taylor (from 2008) 
Consuming Fire Ministry

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