Seven Arrows in Chelan

There are huge mineral and precious metal deposits in the State of Montana.  Montana is an untamed land that is an earthly picture of Heaven.   Montana is a little piece of Heaven on earth.  There are earthly and Heavenly deposits of wealth and treasures in this beautiful and wild State of Montana

Montana means "Mountain" or "Mountainous". 
It is known as the "Big Sky" State.
Also known as the "Treasure State".
The state Motto is "Oro y plata" meaning Gold & Silver.
Montana is the 4th Largest state and 44th most populous.

From these Heavenly storehouses found resident in the wilds of Montana, the Lord is releasing His Arrows toward the West.  Many are seeking targets in Central Washington in the towns of WenatcheeYakima, Vantage, and Chelan.

God will release 7 Arrows from Montana/Heaven into the land in and around Chelan and MansonWashington.  These Arrows will "Anchor" Heavenly Portals and Agendas to the land, connecting Heaven to earth and earth to Heaven.

The Seven Arrows are:

1. A Golden Arrow - sets the "gold standard" against which all things are measured.
       ~ There is a standard - set in Heaven - that will become the standard of earth.
       ~ There is uncompromising accuracy with Heaven's Gold Standard.
       ~ We will begin to value things as God values them.
       ~ A little goes a long way!

2. A Silver Arrow - sets the tone for Redemption and brings the Resonance of Heaven.
       ~ There is a color to Redemption.
       ~ You see your reflection in the color of redemption.
       ~ Redemption has a sound and a range of frequencies that are tuned to redemption.
       ~ Redemption's frequencies resound and reverberate in Heaven.

3. A Diamond Arrow - is the Father's Arrow - characterized by:
       ~ clarity of Being
       ~ purity of Love
       ~ the strength of strengths
       ~ brilliance beyond bright
       ~ many facets in a vast array of Color
       ~ refraction of Light
       ~ dispersion of Energy
This represents the "God Connection".

4. A Ruby Arrow - is the Son's Arrow - characterized by:
       ~ saving Power
       ~ relational Dynamite
       ~ exceptional Beauty
       ~ absolute Grace
       ~ wondrous Connectivity
       ~ frightening Wisdom
       ~ irresistible Light
       ~ unbounded Love
This represents the "Son or Christ (Anointed) Connection".

5. A Sapphire Arrow - is the Spirit's Arrow - characterized by:
       ~ unlimited Capacity
       ~ spectacular Presence
       ~ extraordinary Revelation
       ~ disarming Comfort
       ~ brutally honest Truth
       ~ deep Mystery
       ~ penetrating Power
       ~ luminous Love
This represents the "Spirit Connection".

6. A Broken Arrow - is the Arrow of Broken Humanity and represents the wonder of the Salvation of mankind through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

This represents the "Human Connection".

7. A Sensible Arrow - is a Mysterious Arrow - It may have to do with the term "sensible-horizon" which is an astronomy term meaning "the small circle of the celestial sphere whose plane is tangent to the earth at the position of a given observer, or the plane of such a circle (sensible horizon)."  It may also refer to an Arrow that will open a portal to Heavenly realms where our senses, which are golden in the spirit, are highly tuned and activated.  God seems to be interested in calibrating our spirits to be aligned with His design and purpose.  This Sensible Arrow is going to enable us to be rooted in the heavenly places.

This represents the "Kingdom Connection".

About the Arrows

The SOUNDS of these arrows are going to tune the atmosphere to the sounds of heaven.
       ~ Each Arrow has a specific set of Sounds associated with it.
       ~ There is a Sound of each Arrow when it is Released from the Bow.
       ~ There is a Sound of each Arrow in Flight.
       ~ There is a Sound of each Arrow as it Strikes the Land.
       ~ There is a Sound of each Arrow that it releases in the Land.
       ~ Each of these Sounds is different - but related to the others of that Arrow.
       ~ The Sounds of the Arrows, when heard together, form a Symphony or Song.
       ~ This becomes the Song of Chelan.

The PLACES pierced by these arrows will anchor heavenly portals to the land.
       ~ Arrows will fall in different places.
       ~ The places, when viewed together, form a pattern that represents something
       ~ We are allowed to be active in interacting with Heavenly portals.
       ~ Learn to Ask lots of Questions.  Inquiry is a good habit to form when dealing with
          the supernatural realms in Heavenly places.

The FEATHERS guiding these arrows come from heavenly living creatures.
       ~ There are creatures in Heaven just like there are creatures in the earth.
       ~ Not all of these "feathers" look like bird feathers.
       ~ Each "feather" is unique and has a specific purpose.
       ~ Much of the understanding of this revelation Falls under the category of things God
          has created for His pleasure and our delight.
       ~ Don't get so focused on precise definitions and loose sight of the Beauty Realm.

The SOUND of the bow string releasing the arrows will establish a sound in heaven that will connect heaven to earth.
       ~ This Sound carries a Violence with it.
       ~ It has Creative and Destructive Power to Create space for foundations.
       ~ This Sound will be felt as Shakings.