Your Transfer Has Begun!

A couple of nights ago the weather news in our area caught my attention. They said, “The high in our region would climb into the 60’s” which is a bit odd for this time of the year, to say the least. That is Fahrenheit to those who are Celsius. The newscast went on to make humor about the inability to predict just what kind of weather was going to be next. I was reminded of our meeting at New Sound Church in Mountlake Terrace, WA. On 11-11-11.
The Lord said, “The seasons at the end of this year 2011, and the coming year 2012, would become unpredictable.” He went on to say, “This will be a sign to you that the power of prediction is being transferred from the hands of the world into the hands of the people in My kingdom.” I have also seen the lack of prediction in the political world as well, especially when it comes to the next republican presidential candidate. All of the political analysts seem to have their opinion, but no one dares to predict the outcome.
Therefore, God is waving the flag of “prediction” toward the people of God. He is saying, “This is your opportunity to seize the power of prediction concerning My intentions in the earth. Your transfer has begun” I believe this power of transfer has always been available to whosoever will. However, few still dare to take the leap of faith, away from personal opinions, into the voice of the Spirit. Nonetheless, the power of transfer for this nation has already begun.
In 2012, one of my personal goals in life is to work myself further out of being a prophet to the people in the church, and become a prophet on behalf the people, in the kingdom of God. In other words, I want to be a prophet that speaks the word of the Lord from the midst of His people, to the world. This means, until the emphasis of prophecy to the people in the church becomes less; prophecy in the world will never reach its maximum potential. I pray you can hear this. In 2012, I will walk and live as a prophet greater than any other time in my ministry. However, it will be quite different than it has ever been before. This is the year for great and unusual exploits.
One of the ways to ensure that the body of Christ rises to the occasion in 2012 is to enable them to walk in a new field of prophetic utterance, beyond previous comprehension. In this year, it is imperative for the people of God to realize their fullest potential in the kingdom of God. God has given you a voice, His voice. As long as you view the voice of this prophet [any prophet] being greater than your voice, then you will always live beneath your destined purpose to become the voice of God in the earth.
This is not to say that we are not to respect those who have prophetically run the race before us in the Spirit of the Lord. In fact, showing great respect toward those who have laid down their life for the advancement of the kingdom of God is a necessary ingredient for the humility of God to take resident in our own life and generations to come. Which by the way, will be the enabling force that breaks the barrier of gifting alone, leading you into a realm of having your being in Him. I am not implying this realm has not already been given to us through the power of Jesus Christ; however, accessibility into this realm is still a very challenging factor in the body of Christ.
For some time now I have known that God is going to open unique doors in 2012. I have had a deep longing to prophetically release the word of the Lord in the market places. While the present platform at MTI has served as a unique place to equip, encourage, and speak into the nations, a tremendous desire to enter into cities and nations across the world has become a challenging force in my spirit.
This message came from Brother Michael at Mountain Top International, Yakima, WA