The Rock Has Rolled

by John L. Moore
John is a resident of Montana, close to, but not technically part of, the Pacific Northwest. That's not why this word is included in the NWP Record. 

Several prophetic people have drawn my attention to this word, and declared what my own spirit was saying: This is a word for the Northwest. --Editor

John L. MooreThe Rock
On 7-7-11 I said, "The rock has rolled."
The Rock
The rock before the storm
Recently a freak thunderstorm crossed the north side of our ranch before bringing much destruction to a farming community east of us on the Yellowstone River.
The photo above is a partial look at a landmark on our ranch, a massive rock with horizontal lines (perhaps caused by ocean tides when eastern Montana was on the bottom of an ocean?) and stretching over 100 feet and rising up to 15 feet above the ground.
Little about this rock has changed through the years.
The Rock
The rock after the storm
After the storm Wally Badgett and I trailed some yearlings past Krumm Spring and I could not believe my eyes. The angry storm had dislodged a horizontal portion of the rock wall and left it standing vertically without rolling it down the hill. This rock is standing on a narrow ledge with its lines now pointing up.
While I was watching the live streaming of the Open Door Conference at Chuck Pierce's church on a recent Friday night, the Lord gave me understanding about this rock.
The total rock represents the Church. For a long time all of the Church's "lines" have been horizontal. The Church has been concerned about fellowship, church growth, activities, social programs, etc...
But a storm broke off a "remnant" without destroying it. Instead, the remnant is now pointing up to the heavens. See how this rock even resembles a hand.
This is a sign for our times. A remnant within the Church will break away from horizontal works and point upward to Christ.
John L. Moore
Postscript on the Rock:
  • Krumm Spring is a very important water source on the ranch. During our many drought years it was the only spring not to go dry, though it slowed to just a trickle before this year.
  • Krumm Spring is two miles south and on the same divide as the Rock Circles where we have done so much land cleansing and warfare. At Krumm Spring is the greenest cedar tree you will ever see (photo available upon request) and above it is a lookout point with teepee rings.
  • Krumm Spring was actually named for two single women who homesteaded there about 100 years ago.
  • The rock that was dislodged probably weighs one ton and sets on a ledge that is only a couple feet wide. The storm was coming from the northwest to the southeast and the rock should have been thrown off that ledge to topple downhill.
John L. Moore is a cattle rancher, novelist, journalist and prophetic voice from Montana. He is probably best known to Elijah List readers as the friend and mentor of Ching Co Ten. (Only the Lord could put a Montana cowboy and a Chinese prophetess living in the Philippines together.)