The Need for Relationship

I have been very impressed, particularly the last two weeks or so, of not only the need to focus on Jesus, but for the need for those of us who so value the freedom for which He set us free to be in relationship with one another.

Many have not gathered with the family of God, and many of those who do continue to isolate themselves from truly being known by others in the Body of Christ.

Jesus reaffirmed the last promise of the Old Testament when He said Elijah would come, and he also confirmed that he had come, when speaking to his friends about his cousin. When Elijah comes, according to the words of Malachi, he will turn the hearts of the fathers toward the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.

We are coming into a season change of even more rapid than we have seen in the last decade, and it will be very trying for most of us, but will be disorienting to those who are not connected and growing in the body. This makes the word to fix our eyes on Jesus especially timely.

It also means that those of us who might have been casual about our connection to the Body, and have not let ourselves fully be known, must invest our trust in the Body and do so now if we are to bring to the Lamb the full reward of His suffering, and to remain healthy personally.

Many who have been abused by false shepherds and other ‘titled ministers’ in the past have spurned submission to any leadership. Much of the mission of the body of Christ in the next season will not be accomplished if they continue to do so. As intimidating as it is to many of us, there are times when just listening to what Holy Spirit says won’t work, if we are not willing to be obedient when He identifies this one or that one as responsible to accomplish something that requires the submission of the rest of us to his or her leadership to accomplish what Papa assigns.

We fathers need to step up and make ourselves available without reservation. I know many of the younger ones might hesitate…don’t. You are what Papa says you are, regardless of how you see yourselves.

At the same time it is vitally important that every one of us develop and maintain relationships with people that we can respect and learn from in the Body: secure relationships where love, trust and respect grow to a point where we know we are unconditionally accepted, and can ask or share anything and remain loved and accepted.

The church of Cascadia has quietly been becoming one of the great influences on the planet. The missions to and prophetic acts in distant countries have had and are having a profound effect.

Your love for one another and faithfulness to the call to which He has called you are an example to all the churches of North America. I mention you often to the family of God in New York and Pennsylvania.

In love for the King and His people,
Craig Adams, Elmira, NY