Dutch Sheets: Bay of the Holy Spirit: Revival in the Northwest

Praying Medic found this posted on Dutch Sheet's Facebook page. It's a word he gave from the Bay of Holy Spirit in 1/13/11

(Notes taken by Beverly Wilkerson Miller):

Dutch Sheets Spoke tonight Powerful Prophetic Release of Visions and Things the Lord has shown him and what is upon us now, of a Third Great Awakening. A Jeremiah 33:3 Revolution which has begun, A Release of John G Lake Mantles of Miracles of Healings, Signs and Wonders, Power Evangelism. That which has been Hidden has been saved for now! Angels are in the Grain Fields and Visiting Harvest Fields to release power anointings.

Universities, High Schools, Grade Schools the Pre-Schools will be visited by God; it won't be a religious thing God will just begin to move within the Youth in schools. Administrators, No one will be able to stop it, School principles will not want to stop it because the drugs will stop, the violence will stop. It will move from the Universities to whole Cities. Signs and Wonders are Coming to Public Places: office meetings places within the market place and cities.

Alabama will be a first Fruits of this Revolution. It will move to New Orleans, Florida and then out to the Northwest! Glory!!! Washington, Oregon, Idaho set aflame!

The Revival of the Bay of the Holy Spirit will move to a higher level in Mobile and flow out. The Anointing will be transferred from the leaders to the body and taken back to their cities with the anointing. Fires of awakening have begun. This is coming with intensity: whole Nations will come to Jesus. Native Americans will be visited by the power of God, and Holy Ghost Fires of revival, Signs and Wonders, Miracles and Salvations.

Arizona will be a first fruits. Nevada, California, San Diego and on down to Mexico to stop the evil of drug lords.

The Middle East, God says I am about to move in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan. Imams and Rabbis will be visited by the Holy Spirit. India. Europe, that which has been dark is about to be visited again, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Norway.

Pastor John laid hands on the sick and also released the anointing for miracles, signs and wonders to the people at revival ~ Awesome Night ~

Thank you Lord we pray into these words and Decree and Declare they are coming to pass! America will be Ablaze once again with the Fire of God.