I knew there were prophetic words speaking about our recent unusually snowy winter. I've been waiting for them.

Written by Machele Sheddy
Wednesday, 24 December 2008

November 1, 2008 when we took a team to Wenatchee to share about the Five-fold ministry I received a vision during the opening worship. The Lord showed me Pastor Mike McGrath walking through about 3 feet of snow. The Lord said that day a dozen times and again through the first part of December - "The Snow is Coming". On November first He shared an interpretation of the vision. He told us that while snow officially demonstrates that much of outside life is in hibernation, appearing to be dead. But this Spring, when it thaws, life will spring forth in incredible ways.

This the Lord told us was a spiritual picture of what will take place in the spiritual realm over Washington State. This Spring life will spring forth in incredible ways. Be ready for it. While the snow is beautiful, not appreciated by everyone, it is a Sign to us from the Lord.

On a personal note, when the Lord talked about the snow coming, I thought He meant Eastern Washington. Having lived here almost 20 years, I have not seen this much snow in Western Washington. This demonstrates to me that the Lord meant all of the State in His interpretation, not just part of it. We are in this together friends and our Lord has great plans for our state. I say plans because what He will do throughout our state will look different in each region. It is why it is important for all 12 regions to hold at least two Prophetic Gatherings between January 1 and April 1, 2009. Expect to hear from someone in the next couple of weeks re: the region you are in.

It is going to be a great year! Enjoy your Christmas and be thankful for the sign of snow. Those of you inundated with the snow, means your area is prime for inundating spiritual blessings.

Russell Snyder
Wholehearted Devotion Ministries
via Kingdom Council