Excerpt from 2003 50-State Tour

Chuck Pierce began on the evening of Dec. 14 at Sonrise Chapel in Everett after the sound of many shofars were released with this sentence:

"I would say to you there is a great harvest in the midst of this State, and I am about to put an urgency and a passion in my people."

About 3/4 of the way through Chuck's talk he says, "One of the reasons that the West Coast is important, at the beginning of the year (2003), the Lord said, 'I start blowing My revival wind from the west' He said, "so this year, you prepare the way for the wind, and then next year the wind will blow.' I knew at that point the Lord was saying all the way up California, and then I saw something, from N. California, through Oregon, up through Washington, all the way into Vancouver, B.C.

I've never shared this before. I saw something, it was like....you couldn't see what was under you. It was like you had one level of foundation, but your foundation wasn't deep enough. And especially from N. California on. And the Lord said, 'There's a new wave coming.' And I said, Lord, what's the wave? And He said, "It will be both a wave of evil, that will try to effect that region, but it's also a wave of my Spirit.' and He said, 'They've not built the foundation in that area to handle the wave.'

And then I woke up and I actually saw a wave. I saw water hitting, and you weren't capable of dealing with the wave of the Spirit that God was going to bring in days ahead. So the Lord said, 'You declare that the wind, that will produce the wave will begin, but you pave the way for it. And then you declare that the foundation that needs to be built for what is ahead, be built from N. California through Vancouver, B.C. and it is just really clear, up in that area, up there. There is just such a heart of God for one of the key awakenings and outpourings of the Spirit of God for this region. It will shake this entire continent.

NOW HERE ME! What God wants to do from N. California up through Vancouver, B.C. will shake this continent!"

This is an excerpt from the Washington State stop on the 50-State Tour by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce in 2003. From PacificMinistries.
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