Word For Oregon from Australia

I kept seeing a 'smog' over Oregon, and I asked the Lord what this was, and I felt He said that it was 'apathy' and 'articulation'.

I didn't understand what God meant by 'articulation' and I felt Him say that the enemy has articulated his attacks so precisely and in such detail, and in his stupidity (as satan is silly) he is screaming his attacks over Oregon loud and clear, articulating them really well and, that God is calling intercessors to wait on Him for a strategic way to break this smog that is preventing the move of God from coming to Oregon now.

Then I heard as follows:

"Oregon, Out of the pit you come! Oregon out of the pit you arise! Oregon out of the smog you shall come. I declare that this place is to be a place that is after My own heart. A nation that is going to raise its hands in worship to Me. For you ask how a place can all be saved...and I tell you that as My fire spreads across your land, you will see hands raised that you never imagined.

My people now is the time to hear My strategic plans to crush the enemy. For do not 'wait' any longer for the move of My Spirit, I am waiting to pour it forth, but you must come to Me and truly seek Me and seek My heart and My plan for this place, and as you do and walk in this the chains and smog shall disappear.

This smog is causing MANY to not see Me and not see My love and freedom for them, and this smog is habouring a great deception over this place. As My people rise up and pray like never before, praying as I am leading, chains will break and smog will clear, and this place shall be set on fire for Me.

Out of Oregon shall many leaders arise in the coming days that are going to go to other places and nations and teach many how to listen to strategic plans that I am setting forth to defeat the enemy."

Lana Vawser (Perry), Australia
24th November, 2007